Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Howard Lyon Workshop: Painting Monsters

We were so lucky to have Howard Lyon (yes THAT Howard Lyon) come to UVU to do a workshop with all of us.  It was an amazing workshop- and I could babble all day about it- but instead I'll sum some things up.

He spoke about how your process was just as important as the finished piece (some of what he said can be found in Process to the People: Part 1 and Process to the People: Part 2 from the Muddy Colors Blog) He also briefly went over Color Theory with us.  Great information- and the links I have go over much of what he said; but honestly- you cannot beat being there in the same room and having the ability to ask questions!!

For the workshop part- we answered a series of questions about our monsters- helping us get to know them- so that when we started sculpting we had a better idea of what we were creating.  Then we photographed them and are supposed to paint portraits from our photo reference at home.  Howard said he would be doing a muddy colors post on the workshop and would include the finished paintings from any student who emailed him a copy.

All in all it was an awesome experience.  If you were there and took pictures or want to share your monster- please leave a comment in reply to this post (be patient; we have to moderate all comments so it may take a day to show up)

Here are the photos from the workshop:

 Sculpting the creatures:
Alisha and Rachel were really patient with me- I don't know
how many pictures I took of them- thanks guys for being great sports!

I don't remember who had the idea- but someone decided that a
hair dryer would be faster for warming up the clay then kneading it :D

And now- the Monsters: (if I missed any- let me know and either send me a pic or add one to this post in the comments!)

 Photographing them:

 And Finally- Painting!

It was a FANTASTIC day- THANK YOU Howard for coming out and hanging out with us!!

See you all at the next one!