Sunday, October 16, 2016

Personal Projects

Last club meeting was all about Personal Projects!

Tip number 1 we received is to start a personal project, obviously. It doesn't matter what it is, you just need to start a project. It is also okay to have multiple projects. Your project(s) could be a comic, just a concept you want to follow, it just needs to be something you can display visually.

Personal projects are great for you for multiple reasons. Some of those include:
  • Teaching and helping you improve
  • It prepares you for your final BFA project
  • Shows your original ideas
    • Gets others' interested in your work
    • Can lead to other opportunities
  • It gives you something you want to do (since school kills your creativity)
  • Teaches you to be confident in what you do.
Concerning the amount of time it takes for projects:
  • You'll find your time-frame when you draw frequently and daily. 
    • When you draw a lot and focus on getting stuff done, you'll learn how long it'll take you to finish your pieces
  • Make time for your project(s) and don't get distracted
    • It may be disappointing, but if you are an artist, you'll need to focus on your art. That's just how it is
  • Schedule your art in your routine
    • Keep a calendar, set alarms, keep a consistent schedule - as long as you are trying.
  • Don't wait, you'll never be where you want to be
Concerning distractions, the following points were brought up:
  •  Can be disappointing, but if you want to be a serious artist, get over it
  • Do things that aren't art in moderation. It is important to take breaks and fill your "creative bank account" from time to time, but don't let other things overcome you.
Social media advice:
  • Get an Instagram for your art. It's one of the best places to get a following
  • Be as active as you can on as many social media sites as you can handle.
    • See about posting one place and having it link and post to other sites.
  • Start putting stuff out there, even if you aren't where you want to be.
  • Try starting a blog
    • Tumblr was recommended. Can have more than 1 tumblr blog on your account
  • Don't worry about copyright
    • When you post, it is automatically copyrighted to you
    • Your story comes from you
      • everything you create is inspired from other stuff. 
      • originality is just judicious imitation
      • people will take a small portion and build it on to theirs
      • You can sue people who blatantly take your art, this is not common though
Other Personal Project advice and information:
  • Our club has a Facebook group dedicated to personal projects
    • Post personal project progress and get feedback
  • Try to tie you personal project into your class projects if you can.
    • Talk to your teachers if you want to change things. They can usually be very understanding.
  • Find something you love and won't get bored of
    • This gets you to want to draw things
    • Make a hodgepodge of everything you love
  • Having multiple projects is okay
  • Your pet/baby project doesn't have to perfect
  • It's okay to have little projects that you aren't attached to and just spit out is totally fine
  • Project doesn't need to be big. Inktober could count as a personal project.
  • Surround yourself with professional artists to help raise yourself up and be surrounded by good role models
  • Don't worry about not posting anything because your project isn't finalized. Play around and don't worry about having everything finalized while you are planning things out

Winner of this club's print raffle was Hope. Congrats!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Chalk the Library

Thanks to all those that came to out Chalk the Library event. It was a ton of fun, even though the rain came and washed it all away that night. Here are pictures from that night.



Next club meeting will be in room GT412 at 7 on October 5th. Our Vice President, Rachel Everett, will be giving a presentation on personal projects. Bring something to draw, or take notes, while the presentation is happening.

Saturday, September 24, 2016


This week's club was hosted by our club's VP, Rachel Everett, and was all about the BFA program, how to apply and other information. Here is a recap from the information shared.

First things first, how and when do you apply?

When applying to the BFA for the first time, you need to apply in the Spring Semester. Usually it is the Spring Semester of your Sophomore (2nd) year. Now, it says first because if you don't get in the first time you apply, you have 2 more tries to apply to the BFA program. More information on that later though.
How you apply is by turning in a Letter of Intent in around February, then around March is when you turn in a portfolio.

Letter of Intent

  • Around 2 paragraphs long
  • Describe what you want to do with your art after school
  • Can be simple ex. "I want to make money off of my drawings" of course expanded a little more but that is a simple reason you could use
  • It let's the department head know how many people are applying for the BFA


  • 12-20 pieces showing range of what you do
    • figure drawings, sketches (sketchbook page counts as 1 piece), personal projects, traditional and digital work
  • Put best pieces in the front
  • Portfolio will be on a USB that you turn in. You most likely won't get it back so use a small USB, a 2 GB flash drive is recommended
  • Don't be concerned about style, just do your work/do your best
    • Don't turn in fan-art or anime/manga style
  • All artwork needs to be recent (within the last year)
  • Can put class assignments in portfolio
  •  Make sure to put in figure drawing! Make it strong!
  • Can have your teacher(s) look at your portfolio before submitting
Main tip from club was this, DON'T STRESS about it. If you don't get in, then the teachers will tell you what you need to fix and you get 2 more tries. You can reapply starting in the Fall if you didn't get in in the Spring.

Other important keynotes from the meeting about applying:
  • You need to be in the BFA for some classes (upper division 400 classes) so DO NOT apply last second.
  • Teachers notice your extracurricular, being in club can help you!
  • Along with not applying last second, the teachers like to see improvement from your entry portfolio and your leaving portfolio. That shows that you learned something
  • Recommended classes to take before applying, besides the required generals, include: Drawing for Illustration, Imagination and Visual Literacy, and a figure drawing class
  • Get outside advice on the pieces you want to put in your portfolio. The pieces you may hate may be the ones everyone else thinks are the best. You see all your mistakes, but others may not. It also shows you understand your audience.
  • Do a personal project that challenges you and makes you work. It shows you can do a BFA project.
  • It is recommended to photograph the traditional drawings you plan on putting in your portfolio instead of scanning.
    • Professional-like quality
    • 2 lighting sources
    • Nice, clean background
  • Make sure the computer you are working on shows accurate colors
    • practice print sheets to see accuracy
  • Link to the BFA Applicaton
  • JUST GO FOR IT!!!!!
The second section of advice is about being in the BFA program and class. Basically, what you need when graduating from the BFA. Let's just keep this as a bulleted list as well.
  • Keep everything you did for your BFA class
    • thumbnails, comps, everything! Show your progress, not just your finished show
  • The BFA show you arrange yourself and this is taken during your senior year.
  • Your BFA show needs to have a theme. Do something you like and that you want to do once you are out of school.
  • You will still have other classes while taking the BFA class
  • When it is time for your BFA show, you will need to find your own venue.
    • School could be a venue, but there isn't good experiences with this
    • Stores, libraries, basically anywhere that will let you keep it up long enough - 2 weeks
    • Doesn't have to be near the school/in the Provo/Orem area.
    • Have an opening social for your show.
    • There is a UVU art gallery at the mall that is available.

Well, that is it for the information gathered at the BFA Q&A. As said at the meeting, there will be portfolios included for you to see what level others were at when they were accepted. (This will be updated as I get the links for them)

Alicia, Club Secretary - BFA Application Portfolio

In other news, each club meeting there will be a raffle to win a print. This week's print winner was Anya. Congrats!

Hope to see you all at the next club meeting. We will be meeting Wednesday, September 28th at 5 to Chalk the Library! We will be meeting on the West-side of the library, the parking side. Come grab some chalk and draw with us on the sidewalk out in front of the UVU Library!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

BBQ Opening Social

The opening social was a blast! Thanks to everyone who came, it was great to say hi to the veterans as well as meet all of the new members. We are excited to see what this semester unfolds and we are glad to see it start off on such a good foot.

Thanks to our awesome Advisor, Howard Fullmer, for hosting this BBQ.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Social Media overview

So tonight I gave a really long over view on building an online presence and social media.

Here is the slide show if you missed club or didn't take notes; I tried to fly through stuff.  Almost all of this stuff are things that I learned by doing internet research, there were a few things where I actually contacted artists and talked to them briefly.

Most of what I said is included in the slideshow.  If you have any questions feel free to ask on the uvu page where I posted this link; or in the comments.  I can try to answer or direct you to someone who knows more than me.

also here is a link to the site/app that Chase was talking about: IFTTT

~Alicia Hawks
Club Secretary

Friday, September 25, 2015

Personal Projects

If you missed club tonight we talked about personal projects.  Alisha Jones gave us some tips about how to do a personal project. 

      1. Personal Projects
        1. creative outlet
        2. Helps focus skills
        3. Helps figure out what you’re good at
        4. Gets you quality exposure      Becomes something that actually pays
          1. Give yourself constraints (Time/Subject/Resources/Style/Medium)
          2. Give yourself an Accountability Partner (Executive/Peer/Personal)
          3. Make sure it’s worth it (What is your END GOAL?)
          4. FINISH IT

      I'm including a couple of Jake Parker videos talking about the importance of personal projects so you can have more info :D

      The first is an example of one of his personal projects:

       The second he talks a lot about taking your education into your own hands.  He also points out some of the flaws in college learning.  I agree with most of his points but do want to point out that we're REALLY lucky in the UVU illustration department; almost all of our professors are professionals working actively in their field today.  That is something that is pretty unique about our school.  If you don't want to take the time to watch the whole video you can skip to 14:40 and he has 4 tips that are awesome.

      And lastly; here are a few photos from tonight's meeting :D

      Sorry they are so blurry; I need to start using my real camera to take pictures instead of my tablet...

      Also the editors from both Warp and Weave and Intersections came and talked to us and asked for submissions.

      Warp and Weave does original SciFi and Fantasy stories from students and they want artwork that they can publish within that same genre.  We have until Monday at midnight to get that to them.  Their email is

      Intersections has already had their submission date go by; however the editor said that she needs are badly; so please submit.  They have a website if you want to learn more about them: and their email address is  She said they'll pretty much take any art as long as it is high quality.

      So submit something!! Being published is super awesome :D

      That is it for me; peace out and keep drawing!!
      ~Alicia Hawks (Club Secretary)

      Friday, September 18, 2015

      Comic Con Workshop

      Today we got together and talked about Comic Con.  It was pretty awesome!! Chase showed us his display and talked about pricing.  Rachel showed us her comic book and spoke a little about the process of getting it funded and printed.  

      Alisha looking all Vice-Presidently

      Chase and Rachel imparting words of wisdom display ideas

      Thank you all for coming! See ya next week :D