Sunday, October 16, 2016

Personal Projects

Last club meeting was all about Personal Projects!

Tip number 1 we received is to start a personal project, obviously. It doesn't matter what it is, you just need to start a project. It is also okay to have multiple projects. Your project(s) could be a comic, just a concept you want to follow, it just needs to be something you can display visually.

Personal projects are great for you for multiple reasons. Some of those include:
  • Teaching and helping you improve
  • It prepares you for your final BFA project
  • Shows your original ideas
    • Gets others' interested in your work
    • Can lead to other opportunities
  • It gives you something you want to do (since school kills your creativity)
  • Teaches you to be confident in what you do.
Concerning the amount of time it takes for projects:
  • You'll find your time-frame when you draw frequently and daily. 
    • When you draw a lot and focus on getting stuff done, you'll learn how long it'll take you to finish your pieces
  • Make time for your project(s) and don't get distracted
    • It may be disappointing, but if you are an artist, you'll need to focus on your art. That's just how it is
  • Schedule your art in your routine
    • Keep a calendar, set alarms, keep a consistent schedule - as long as you are trying.
  • Don't wait, you'll never be where you want to be
Concerning distractions, the following points were brought up:
  •  Can be disappointing, but if you want to be a serious artist, get over it
  • Do things that aren't art in moderation. It is important to take breaks and fill your "creative bank account" from time to time, but don't let other things overcome you.
Social media advice:
  • Get an Instagram for your art. It's one of the best places to get a following
  • Be as active as you can on as many social media sites as you can handle.
    • See about posting one place and having it link and post to other sites.
  • Start putting stuff out there, even if you aren't where you want to be.
  • Try starting a blog
    • Tumblr was recommended. Can have more than 1 tumblr blog on your account
  • Don't worry about copyright
    • When you post, it is automatically copyrighted to you
    • Your story comes from you
      • everything you create is inspired from other stuff. 
      • originality is just judicious imitation
      • people will take a small portion and build it on to theirs
      • You can sue people who blatantly take your art, this is not common though
Other Personal Project advice and information:
  • Our club has a Facebook group dedicated to personal projects
    • Post personal project progress and get feedback
  • Try to tie you personal project into your class projects if you can.
    • Talk to your teachers if you want to change things. They can usually be very understanding.
  • Find something you love and won't get bored of
    • This gets you to want to draw things
    • Make a hodgepodge of everything you love
  • Having multiple projects is okay
  • Your pet/baby project doesn't have to perfect
  • It's okay to have little projects that you aren't attached to and just spit out is totally fine
  • Project doesn't need to be big. Inktober could count as a personal project.
  • Surround yourself with professional artists to help raise yourself up and be surrounded by good role models
  • Don't worry about not posting anything because your project isn't finalized. Play around and don't worry about having everything finalized while you are planning things out

Winner of this club's print raffle was Hope. Congrats!

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