Friday, September 25, 2015

Personal Projects

If you missed club tonight we talked about personal projects.  Alisha Jones gave us some tips about how to do a personal project. 

      1. Personal Projects
        1. creative outlet
        2. Helps focus skills
        3. Helps figure out what you’re good at
        4. Gets you quality exposure      Becomes something that actually pays
          1. Give yourself constraints (Time/Subject/Resources/Style/Medium)
          2. Give yourself an Accountability Partner (Executive/Peer/Personal)
          3. Make sure it’s worth it (What is your END GOAL?)
          4. FINISH IT

      I'm including a couple of Jake Parker videos talking about the importance of personal projects so you can have more info :D

      The first is an example of one of his personal projects:

       The second he talks a lot about taking your education into your own hands.  He also points out some of the flaws in college learning.  I agree with most of his points but do want to point out that we're REALLY lucky in the UVU illustration department; almost all of our professors are professionals working actively in their field today.  That is something that is pretty unique about our school.  If you don't want to take the time to watch the whole video you can skip to 14:40 and he has 4 tips that are awesome.

      And lastly; here are a few photos from tonight's meeting :D

      Sorry they are so blurry; I need to start using my real camera to take pictures instead of my tablet...

      Also the editors from both Warp and Weave and Intersections came and talked to us and asked for submissions.

      Warp and Weave does original SciFi and Fantasy stories from students and they want artwork that they can publish within that same genre.  We have until Monday at midnight to get that to them.  Their email is

      Intersections has already had their submission date go by; however the editor said that she needs are badly; so please submit.  They have a website if you want to learn more about them: and their email address is  She said they'll pretty much take any art as long as it is high quality.

      So submit something!! Being published is super awesome :D

      That is it for me; peace out and keep drawing!!
      ~Alicia Hawks (Club Secretary)

      Friday, September 18, 2015

      Comic Con Workshop

      Today we got together and talked about Comic Con.  It was pretty awesome!! Chase showed us his display and talked about pricing.  Rachel showed us her comic book and spoke a little about the process of getting it funded and printed.  

      Alisha looking all Vice-Presidently

      Chase and Rachel imparting words of wisdom display ideas

      Thank you all for coming! See ya next week :D

      Wednesday, September 16, 2015

      Club Rush Fall 2015!!

      Super Blurry photo I took earlier... also our VP brought in
      a better sign to advertise the club instead of my hand written one
      I'll update tomorrow with a better picture of our booth. 

      Club Rush kicked off today!! It was pretty awesome; we had a TON of people come check out our stuff; it looks like it will be a strong semester.

      If you are a UVU student and interested in joining check out our facebook page: UVU Illustration Club and also our Illustration Group.

      The page is open to anyone to 'like' it of course; and please do even if you are not a student!! Out group is close to current students, faculty and alumni.  We post announcments to the 'like' page; so if you aren't a student that is a good way to see what we are up to.  Well that and this blog.

      This Friday at 5:30pm we're having our first meeting in GT 413.  We're doing a Comic Con Preview!! We have several students who participate in the Salt Lake Comic Con and they are going to bring some of their stuff to show off.  Also we'll be talking about the business side of comic con, what sells, how much to sell it for, what goes into getting ready and many other Comic Con things.  Also we'll have a raffle for anyone who joins the Club through the Org Sync website (we'll have computers set up so you can join right there!).  The Raffle will be for an original sketch from some of our faculty (honestly this is an AWESOME prize).  It'll be a fun night!

      Tomorrow is the second day of club rush in the UVU ballroom from 10am-2pm.  Come on by; grab some candy, say 'hi' and sign up if you haven't!!

      ~Alicia (Club Secretary)

      PS; here are some photos from day 2!