Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Gallery of Terror

The first annual UVU Illustration Gallery of Terror will be held during the month of October 2012. The deadline for work is fast approaching. Unless something changes, the deadline will be October 8th. Bring your work to GT408 or give it to any member of the Illustration Club presidency before that date.

Anyone can enter...Even faculty. This is not a juried show. If you enter a piece, it will get displayed.

The can be whatever you want....anything from a zombie Stay Puff Marshmallow man to what your wildest imagination can conjurer up. Work should probably not have any intrinsic value since there will be no security during the few weeks the show hangs. If you are worried about having your piece permanently borrowed, have a print made.

Framing is not important. Work will be hung with pushpins or something similar.

Any other questions, ask the club presidency or myself. We will all give you a different answer I am sure.

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  1. Make sure you have your Gallery of Terror submissions by the end of this weekend!